• Price too low? Ask for more.
  • I will post the price I’m happy to pay.
  • Please communicate only via the Git Issue.
  • Comment “I’m taking on this” before starting work, to lock the issue.
  • This is not employment. No obligations from me nor from you.
    • You are not obliged to accept work.
    • I am not obliged to offer work.
    • I am not obliged to pay you if I’m not happy.
    • I do not take any taxation responsibility.
    • Small units of work = less risk than going to an interview.
  • Large units of work? Split it up, create issues. See below.
  • I’ll pay via PayPal, bank transfer, AliPay, WeChat or any other convenient alternative.
  • Don’t make changes not asked for unless they are essential or part of the job.
    • Version upgrades make validation more difficult. I can be on a bad internet connection, don’t want to download many JARs
    • Logic changes may require extra time for me to validate. Instead, create an issue as below.
  • Please reference the Issue in the PR, so that I can get to the PR via the Issue.
  • When you’re paid, please make a Pull Request in this repository to add **SOLVED**, **PAID** to the work item to show it’s solved and paid. This saves me some time and also makes it easy to refer to you in future. This also helps me improve this site more easily if you get new ideas and are already familiar with it.

Create issue, get paid!

Have ideas? Create work for yourself!

  • You want to work on something but there’s no issue? Create one.
  • If I like it, please create a pull request with this issue.
  • For that PR, I will pay $5.00.
  • You suggest your own price, then I will either agree or lower it.
  • Then you can take on it as usual.